Creative Stage Lighting for Eventsy!

Our event lighting designers create lighting schemes that will elevate and highlight all participants, whether on stage or in the crowd, and will take your event to the next level. Our lighting expertise allows us to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and a diverse variety of lighting applications. Up lights, wash lights, moving lights, spot lights, and even décor lights are available to precisely illuminate your event and establish the mood and branding strategy. We collaborate with the best-in-class lighting suppliers, to create lighting displays that highlight the unique aspects of your event.


We are able to provide high-tech, immersive lighting for event organizers all around the country because we have mastered innovative stage lighting for events.

What exactly do we do?


overall Lighting Design

Custom Lighting Solutions

Rigging Structures

lighting Solutions For Your Venue

Why inthemixprod?

Make it a success by teaming with InTheMixProd for your event audio sound systems needs. For Conference & Meeting Planners, Event Managers, Fundraiser Coordinators, Trade Show Organizers, Premier & Product Promoters, Race Directors, Arrangers of Big Sporting Events, Public Relations Specialists, and many others. Give us a call now to make your next event as great as it deserves to be!

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