Installing Audio-Visual Equipment for Immersive Experiences

We install the best quality audio, video, lighting, and live streaming event venue technology and audio visual (AV) gear to create immersive environments for your audiences, from tiny stages to bigger stadiums. inthemixprod guides you through every step of integrating technology into your environment, from planning and design to installation and support.


What Is Your Next Event?

Venue events

Live Theatre

Dramatic lighting is one of the most crucial aspects of live theatre. The lighting must be carefully placed to convey the right ambiance of the scene and to elicit emotion from the viewers. Lighting comes in a variety of ways; you want to be sure you have the most efficient and adaptable for your needs. Our designers and manufacturers can create lighting that is unique to your event!


Sports events, sports, tournaments, and races all require superb audio so that the audience can hear and applaud! It's also a plus if spectators can watch on a big screen or on displays near concession stands so they don't miss anything while grabbing a snack! Perhaps your venue might gain from a digital scoreboard! InTheMixProd can give your venue a fan-friendly environment!


We make sure your stage is arranged to perfection, from soloists to full band performances. Your audio will be second to none, from expert audio engineers fine-tuning the microphones to carefully positioning and modifying the speakers for optimal sound coverage. For the entire experience, don't forget about the flashy video backgrounds and dramatic lighting effects.

Ceremonies & Presentations

Successful presentations and ceremonies are always magnificently seen and heard! The stage must have the equipment, such as microphones and lights. The use of projection and video displays enhances the presentation. Make sure your venue has the latest wireless mics and receivers, as well as up-lights, spotlights, and live streaming choices.

Installing AV Technology For Association

Why inthemixprod?

Make it a success by teaming with InTheMixProd for your event audio sound systems needs. For Conference & Meeting Planners, Event Managers, Fundraiser Coordinators, Trade Show Organizers, Premier & Product Promoters, Race Directors, Arrangers of Big Sporting Events, Public Relations Specialists, and many others. Give us a call now to make your next event as great as it deserves to be!

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