Go Digital in your Outdoor Space!

Outdoor Digital Signs with LED Video Walls

Outdoor digital advertising is one of the most effective and cost-effective ways to attract customers to your brand. According to statistics, 98 percent of the population sees at least one billboard per week, with 71% of those gazing long enough to understand the message. Furthermore, because 68 percent of customers make their purchasing decisions in a car, this has been found to affect purchase choice. Digital billboards currently account for 25% of all billboards! Now that you’ve gathered your information and numbers…

With a movable LED video wall billboard and affixed digital signage, inthemixprod offers both temporary and permanent outdoor advertising alternatives.


LED Video Wall Billboard

For on-site marketing, inthemixprod provides an LED video wall billboard that moves to your place! This trailer's screen is 17' by 10' and measures roughly 24' tall. With video choices or scrolling still images, it gives a wow effect when viewed from the roadside. Audio may also be used to add another layer of attention-getting advertising! The trailer that houses this screen is self-powered, allowing it to travel anywhere it wants without the need for extra power. Are you planning a large sales event? Or is it the advent of a new product? With this eye-catching advertising choice, you can get the word out to your local consumers!

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