24' Tall - 17' x 10' Digital Display Trailer

Reasons to host a movie night

Outdoor movie evenings are a great way to have fun this summer while keeping a sense of social distance. Any park area or parking lot may be transformed into a movie theatre for family pleasure with the inthemixprod movable, digital, LED display trailer. Outdoor movie nights may be used for a variety of reasons, including town recreation programmes and staff trips. It’s simple using inthemixprod!


What exactly do we do?


Digital LED Screen

FM Receiver

Movie Licenses

host a movie night!

Why inthemixprod?

Make it a success by teaming with InTheMixProd for your event audio sound systems needs. For Conference & Meeting Planners, Event Managers, Fundraiser Coordinators, Trade Show Organizers, Premier & Product Promoters, Race Directors, Arrangers of Big Sporting Events, Public Relations Specialists, and many others. Give us a call now to make your next event as great as it deserves to be!

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